Small Space & Huddle Room

Huddle Room solution is designed to turn any space into a meeting space by delivering high-quality audio in a powerful and cost-effective package that is simple to operate and manage.

We have multiple solutions that enable cost-effective huddle rooms. Integrated control, audio de-embedding, and switching make the design simple and repeatable. Advanced Automatic Display Control features make it simple for anyone to use these rooms.

With switching, scaling, HDBaseT™ extension for inputs and outputs, and audio de-embedding in a small box, you can be certain Atlona technology supports collaboration!

Key Features

Clear, intuitive GUI

Loud and clear audio

Voice quality monitoring

Full lifecycle management

Standalone solution - no computer needed

Typical scalability options from 6 up to 15 users


  •    Solution simplicity accelerates user adoption
  •    Full integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
  •    Centralized management and control for lower operational costs
  •    The enhanced audio quality for local and remote call participants
  •    Maximizes the effectiveness of huddle rooms & small group meeting spaces