Digital Cafeteria

The digital cafeteria is the new solution for the corporates to give their employees the best experience.

We understand the dynamic use of these architectural spaces. With dynamic designs and automated intelligent technologies, We provide strategically designed and visually stunning digital cafeterias which are integrated with displays, projectors and sound systems.

Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Displays Commonly available in 32”- 90” sizes, can be easily configured to accommodate the needs of your modern corporate cafeteria design. For larger displays, they can be combined to form a video wall or used singularly for streaming, video conferencing, presentations, and digital signage.

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solution img

Audio System

For ideal sound clarity during presentations, AllWave uses a dedicated audio system separate from the building’s overhead paging system. Such systems provide zoned distribution and can be programmed to prevent interruptions from the paging system that is used for information announcements.

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Digital Signage Menu Boards offer greater capabilities than traditional menu signage, including images of menu choices, interactive features such as order entry and item modification, nutritional information, and promotion of healthy dining options. They allow menu changes and pricing revisions that can be automated or easily implemented manually.

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AV Control Systems

Sophisticated cafeteria AV control systems in the digital cafeteria to simplify our ability to interact with the technology. These systems operate as the main hub of an AV system, integrating all the components together to make it as easy as a press of a button or the click of an icon for end-users to start multiple technologies at once.


Corporate Cafeteria projectors should be of high-resolution so that they can be used with a wide variety of content sources, such as DVDs and other streaming media from a content server. Projectors can be used in the main cafeteria space to display content for both large group presentations or small interactive sessions.

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Key Features & Benefits

  •    Big screens, sharp displays with multi-windowing capacity allow High Definition display from PC or Cable TV inputs.
  •    HD cameras cover the Presenter & the participants seated in the cafeteria for an effective Town Hall session.
  •    Added displays for people seated across the cafeteria.
  •    Interactive Lectern for Presenters to conduct presentations smoothly.
  •    Audio systems that ensure speech and program are evenly audible in all parts of the cafeteria.
  •    The open touch-panel control interface allows one-touch control of AV equipment, dialling, lighting.
  •    Preset lighting system to suit a range of functions of the cafeteria.
  •    Record and stream audio, video and PC presentations over IP networks.
  •    Connectivity Receptacles for PC and video.